What does AGRODEV stand for?

AGRODEV is a Kenyan based Non Government Organization

Who we are

AGRODEV is made up of a team of committed professionals whose skills in disciplines range from Agriculture and Global Resource Systems to Politics. With a wealth of experience the AGRODEV team has many benefits to offer the communities they work with. READ MORE

To promote development and innovation in Kenya's agriculture sector by creating niche markets, encouraging sustainable practices, creating employment in and out of the agriculture sector, building infrastructure, linking growers directly to global markets, and creating education and awareness on value added initiatives.

What we do

Our Projects are aimed at sustainably developing Kenya's agricultural industry at the community level, adding value to small land holders crops through the promotion of fair trade and organic farming. We work towards tackling problems and challenges... READ MORE

AGRODEV Partners

AGRODEV is continually seeking out partnerships with organizations with similar goals. Valuable Partnerships help AGRODEV achieve our mission of creating a world in which food is safe, secure and readily available. READ MORE

What's an NGO?

The World Bank defines NGOs as:

"Private organizations that pursue activities to relieve suffering, promote the interests of the poor, protect the environment, provide basic social services, or undertake community development..." READ MORE