AGRODEV Programs

AGRODEV is interested in and currently developing sustainable agricultural initiatives in many sectors. Our current projects is aimed at Kenya's once #1 export: coffee.


About AGRODEV Programs

AGRODEV Methodology

We continually work towards our goals by developing networks of skilled advocates and professionals through collaboration with international donors, governments, and the private sector... READ MORE

Alleviate rural poverty by providing an avenue for rural coffee farmers to access fair trade, organically grown, bird friendly, and shade grown niche export markets. Our first target area is Meru in Kenya's coffee producing region around the slopes of Mt. Kenya. This region is unique because it is one of the top coffee growing regions in the world; however, small farmers live in extreme poverty brought on by dependence on a monoculture export cash crop, which is plagued by low inconsistent prices diverting resources from more sustainable agricultural practices.

Who we reach

The benefits of our projects occur directly at the grassroots level in participating rural communities across Kenya's agriculture producing regions by empowering small farmers and creating the structures that will allow them to play a greater role in negotiating their own livelihoods...

AGRODEV and Community Development

Because of a strong and necessary connection with food AGRODEV strives to connect and re-connect people with the land through their bodies and minds... READ MORE

AGRODEV and Health and Gender Issues

AGRODEV works in direct relationship with displaced persons that are often marginalized due to their health and gender... READ MORE