AGRODEV Methodology

We continually work towards our goals by developing networks of skilled advocates and professionals through collaboration with international donors, governments, and the private sector. As a team we work together to develop long-term guidelines to enhance development and create value added initiatives in the Kenyan agricultural industry, such as fair trade and organic. Our aim is to promote strategic investments in the coffee sector in the form of capital, education, training, infrastructure, and business development. Our primary project is to develop a relationship between small farmers and AGRODEV. This relationship will include the formation of farmers groups to act as collection points, setting quality control standards and increasing access to global market information. At the same time, efforts will be made to enhance the quality of products in Kenya and develop value added initiatives.

AGRODEV Co-Founder Blake Hanacek
Blake Hanacek Co-Founder speaking about organic farming at a Meru cooperative general meeting