Who we reach

The benefits of our projects occur directly at the grassroots level in participating rural communities across Kenya's agriculture producing regions by empowering small farmers and creating the structures that will allow them to play a greater role in negotiating their own livelihoods. Our projects also facilitate in an increase of rural wages and quality of rural community life. Our team of international consultants in the area of rural development conducts cost-benefit analyses and evaluates the impact of the project and the direction of future projects. Our projects create local employment and encourage the participation of women in Kenyan development. They also create an opportunity for rural community members to gain essential knowledge of fair trade and organic growing techniques and to disseminate these skills at the grassroots level for the promoting of rural development and increased value in the Kenyan coffee sector.

AGRODEV Founder and Director Blake Hanacek
AGRODEV Founder and Director, Blake Hanacek in the community of Kenya, Africa.